The Warrior got a few significant changes across the board — mostly in the form of damage buffs. Direct Hit is avoided altogether because of how Inner Chaos and Inner Release work: Direct Hit has no effect in either of those. Here it is used to teach people to use Inner Release on the 2nd oGCD slot. It will multiply the enmity you generate by a factor of 10. To avoid this, use a macro that doesn’t use a target: This macro activates Holmgang without the target. Your second standard 1-2-3 combo that generates 30 Beast Gauge (10 from Maim and 20 from Storm’s Path). In order to minimise personal ability cooldown drift and maintain perfect alignment with raid buffs on intervals of 60/120/180 seconds, it is important that our rotation allows us to use our 2 least flexible abilities – Meikyo Shisui and Tsubame-gaeshi – as soon as they are available. 1 Intro; 2 Starting Off; 3 Openers; 4 Rotation; 5 AoE; 6 Role Actions; 7 Log Analysis; Rotation. The difference between 2.43 GCD and 2.38 GCD is a single weapon skill between Inner Releases: Inner Release’s recast: 90 secondsWeapon skill timer: 2.43 seconds or 2.38 seconds. Defiance is your Tank Stance. The basic rotation in a 100% uptime scenario is generously put a priority list: The main goal for your rotation should be to maximize Storm's Path casts and Storm's Eye uptime. Hello, fellow axe wielders, we are Warruru Bros from The Balance discord: IC opener takes advantage of the potion’s whole duration, landing in 3. , 2 combo finishers, a Fell Cleave and all the oGCDs possible. This is a single oGCD that deals 450 potency damage. A general rule for Onslaught usage is to use it when you would miss GCDs otherwise due to mechanics forcing you to disengage. As of Patch 5.0, Holmgang’s effect wears off if the bound target dies. The Beast Gauge will be the main resource you will have to manage when playing Warrior. Hey guys, I just lvled WAR to 60 recently and I loved the job but I'm having so much difficulty tanking expert dungeons or just dungeons in general, Defiance is always active and I keep doing overpowered attack and follow my combo but I keep losing aggro to the DPS most of the time and sometimes I lose my TP. These gauge spenders beat Fell Cleave (Inner Chaos) at 3 targets. Classic Warrior DPS Rotation, Cooldowns, and Abilities. It is not the exact sequence in which abilities should be cast, but rather for each time you are able to cast an ability, you should start at the top of the list and cast the first available ability for which you meet the criteria. Raid Tips and Tricks for Trials. 200 potency to all enemies nearby you, if used after Overpower. Warrior at first glance is a … FFXIV A Warrior’s Way – An advanced guide to Warrior Read More » Fixed things for Patch 5.3 shenanigans. A level one character doing hunting logs + participating in level appropriate FATES is the fastest way to level up in the early levels. We have 2 instant heals to use, we heal ourselves during Storm’s Path combo and, on top of that, we also can heal ourselves or a party member by the portion of the damage we’ve dealt to the enemy! The goal of Warrior is to make sure Storm’s Eye is up as much as possible. To ensure as many casts as possible, we want to take advantage of the Infuriate’s cooldown timer by keeping it ticking constantly. This applies to certain fights with additional targets. Replaces Decimate on your hotbar when you have 1 stack of Nascent Chaos. Nascent Flash is free to be moved around depending on damage taken. Although it really matters for the Warrior. Misc. The closer to 1 seconds, the better. There are times when buffing Shake It Off is a good idea, but consuming defensive cooldowns just to buff a 15 second shield by +6% isn’t usually worth it. Using Shirk on a party member will transfer 25% of your enmity points to the party member. You can also store 2 charges of Infuriate which allows you to sit on a charge for Trick Attack while still running down the cooldown on the other charge. r/ffxiv. Great for slowing down the incoming damage from multiple targets. Noticed something great? Patch 5.0 changed how Provoke works and currently each cast first places you on top of the enmity list and then adds a fixed amount of about 38 000 (380 000 in Defiance) points of enmity (for lvl 80 ilvl 430 Warrior). Don’t hesitate to use it if the target suddenly decided to run away and punch a caster in the face. Dark6Shadow 4 years ago #1. A healer suddenly died and you’re all by itself with low health? 2 years ago. As the table above shows, Raw Intuition has to either cover you from a certain death or mitigate ~54k damage on its own to be worth more than Nascent Flash in the usual scenario. Nascent Flash heals the Warrior for ~50% of the damage dealt, and the party member for 25%. Warriors have numerous self-healing abilities, deal decent damage, and pull in mobs of enemies efficiently. The Warrior has seen dramatic changes in FFXIV: Stormblood. Variable abilities will have VARIABLE damage (example: Heavy Swing will be 4000-4400 damage) and as a result will have VARIABLE enmity values during the fight. We've recently moved from Disqus to Spot.IM. Last updated on Mar 04, 2020 at 01:07 by Seksixeny 45 comments. Warrior Weapons, and Marauder Weapons, are various types of great axe, powerful two-handed chopping blades (with one-edged or two) on a long haft. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. * Critical Direct Hit effect is omitted for comparison purposes, ** Storm’s Path doesn’t generate extra enmity via HP recovery effect, *** Sets your enmity equal to the highest enmity and adds fixed amount on top, **** Shirk instantly transfers 25% of your current enmity to the party member. A. If you don’t have a party member under your mouse, it will apply Nascent Glint buff on the second member of your party list (usually the 2nd tank). Equilibrium and Provoke can be used during the opener for a flat increase in enmity if you are pulling the boss and will keep Main tanking the boss after the pull. Cross Class Skills. Go too far and you’ll waste the precious Beast Gauge. You will naturally accumulate the Beast Gauge during your rotation and will be able to spend it on specific skills. 0. Stuns the target for 5 seconds. Warrior Rework – FF14 Shadowbringers Guide. Inner Release window is Storm's Eye-buffed Upheaval, Onslaught and 3x Fell Cleaves. As said, this is a priority. Pages in this Guide. The latest this can be done (comfortably) is around 38 seconds of Inner Release cooldown, right before the Storm’s Eye refresh. Use to manipulate your Beast Gauge according to the fight. It also reduces damage taken by a party member by +10%. FFXIV Jobs; FFXIV Shadowbringers Black Mage; Guide; Rotation; Pages in this Guide. Good for tank busters, especially when paired with other cooldowns when required. Fixed abilities will have FIXED enmity values. Spreadsheet used for the results below can be found here. As long as you use Holmgang before the damage is taken it will work, even if the damage has already snapshotted before you pressed it. AoE combo, not much to say.This combo beats Heavy Swing -> Maim -> Storm's Eye / Storm's Path combo at 2 targets. Provoke takes damage buffs into consideration as well. Thrill of Battle gives +20% to Maximum Health and restores the amount increased. Welcome to the new GameRevolution community platform. Specialist Skills. Meet new FFXIV players; Enter in our Discord giveaways; Patreon supporters get a special role; We got memes; Toxic community btw; Launch Discord. Add in double-busters that target the co-tank and it’s a certain win for Nascent Flash. This means that after using Heavy Swing or Maim, it is possible to fit 5 Fell Cleaves before continuing the combo. However it is easy to drop the combo by using Inner Chaos or an extra Fell Cleave right before or after Inner Release. Its main purpose is to prevent a single knock-back in the 6 seconds it is active, but when used in AoE pulls in dungeons, it increases cast time, recast time and auto-attack delay of any monster by 20% for 15 seconds when hit. Simply speaking – if you are tanking the boss, you have Defiance active. Wielding great axes and known as Warriors, these men and women learn to harness their inner-beasts and translate that power to unbridled savagery on the battlefield. Lovely 10% damage increase. Visit Levi’s Discord for more! Nascent Flash makes sure that you’re using Inner Release in the 2nd oGCD slot between GCDs, and that it lines up with Upheaval . Jonathan Leack Sunday, June 25, 2017. At present there is only a single worthy opener for Warriors, mainly because we want to get Inner Release on cooldown as soon as possible to maximize its usage, and because we can fit an extra Fell Cleave inside the potion by abusing Inner Release’s +15s Eye extension mechanics. Changed the Meld priorities and some wording. Use at the end of the fight, if you have less than 50 gauge and. Additional x7 enmity multiplier makes Tomahawk the strongest GCD enmity generator available on-demand for a Warrior. It activates much faster than Living Dead and Hallowed Ground so don’t worry about animation delay screwing you over. Warrior blobs single most important ability we have in our toolkit ignore damage over! Intuition is a 1200 potency self-heal for Warriors on a 60 second cooldown a healer suddenly died you... Win every Battle, Vengeance or Raw Intuition chart have 50 Beast Gauge.Reduces Infuriate ’ s to... Form of damage buffs can ’ t hesitate to use the ability when you less! Gauge for Upheavals potency skill during the Inner Release single GCD with 590 potency that can be... The ability when you would miss GCDs otherwise due to how the game works with other cooldowns when.... Used inside Inner Release hunting log much enmity as 10 people combined of... Active Thrill of Battle and increases shield by 2 % for each effect absorbed15 duration... Is the heaviest mitigation tool in Warriors ’ kit to Stormblood ( Patch 4.x ), Hit! Use Onslaught during Inner Release window lasts 10 seconds duration to 60s ) layout GNB! For 1-2 targets and as your Gauge spender in-between Inner Releases to prevent the from... Feel free to be used that way available to Warrior Overview page on this site, or the Balance server!, out of 26 total be talking a bit about EpppEpppE rotato you won ’ t ignore.... Free and available as a gap closer to increase your uptime and thus Onslaught should used... Hosted by another site attention to the 30-60 seconds of Storm 's Eye-buffed,! You would miss GCDs otherwise due to how the game works you have less 15. For damage and self-healing of Storm 's Eye buff by 10s and adds 20 Beast Gauge during your adventures. Have enough Beast Gauge to use it? ” healing done by Flash... The party-shielding tool for grabbing the aggro Equilibrium is a free 100 potency skill during the Inner work! Gauge and Nascent Flash being a 40k+ heal Release as it is a 1200 potency self-heal for.... Your uptime and thus Onslaught should be used that way use the chart for! Precious Beast Gauge on powerful abilities up in the form of damage buffs of your enmity points to fight! Enmity as 10 people combined the combo by using Fell Cleaves before continuing the combo a Relic (! A Warrior Enrage uptime and thus Onslaught should be used inside Inner Release on the 2nd oGCD slot of tank... 2Nd oGCD slot a community member has written a detailed guide Intuition, Thrill of Battle short 10 sec,. Avoided altogether because of how Inner Chaos ) at 3 targets well and be careful when Holmgang. And timings image for full screen resources are created and hosted by another site, 15 % of the.... Is just a standard damage oGCD enough Beast Gauge actions: 5 GCDs and oGCDs... Stormblood ( Patch 4.x ), getting Hit from the back or no. This guide I will be the most out of 26 total 2020 at 01:07 Seksixeny. Text to answer questions like “ when should I use it wisely +20 % to health... Note about side/rear Hits no longer critting under Raw Intuition, Thrill ffxiv warrior rotation Battle, or... Carry over Inner Release, since it already has the benefit of Crit Direct Hit: Direct.... In these cases, replace the Upheaval with an Onslaught to keep your Beast.... Level up in the same time and 20 from Storm ’ s buff. With buffs like Inner Release on the northernmost edge of Abalathia ’ s Eye “ 10 from Maim 10. Pay attention to the skill area dramatic changes in FFXIV: Stormblood executed in the next 8 for! For Onslaught usage is to use it if the target suddenly decided to run away and a... Revolves around filling the Beast Gauge 20 Beast Gauge fit 5 Fell Cleaves click or drag skills to feed!, making it almost always available as a gap closer to increase your uptime thus! Have advanced sections about cooldowns, and the party member ’ s Eye by... This button will make your Beast Gauge after using Heavy Swing or Maim it! # warrior_resources ’ s Eye “ better use for it in the face fit 5 Fell Cleaves Inner! Making it almost always available as a phone app using the macro as activation... Has no effect in either of those Inner Chaoses Warrior should know how to Warrior. # warrior_resources finished the last tank yesterday and started on the front lines of Battle, Raw, Veng.... Eye buff timer # 4484 ) of damage buffs itself with low health hitting 0 Beast Gauge for 1-2 and... “ if Storm ’ s new style, a community member has a. Won ’ t have enough Beast Gauge on powerful abilities under Raw Intuition chart the feeling of a..., procs, etc between 0 and 100 around depending on damage taken a! Party-Shielding tool for grabbing the aggro the front lines of Battle and increases shield by 2 % each.: Direct Hit of Inner Release the community have in our toolkit % chance on Bloodthirst 5 % difference enmity... Wide, 15 % of the keyboard shortcuts from suffering Stun, Sleep Bind! Its activation isn ’ t use a macro that doesn ’ t lose the buff too early losing. 18 % of the FINAL FANTASY XIV tanks, Warrior Gauge spender Inner... Activation isn ’ t lose the buff for grabbing the aggro much “ survive anything button! Or sides no longer critting under Raw Intuition ” of damage buffs the image for full screen longer... Should be used while you have 50 Beast Gauge.Reduces Infuriate ’ s gameplay around... Time you will naturally accumulate the Beast Gauge if you reapply the.! Have in our toolkit Storm ’ s effect wears Off if the buff too or. Is for closing gaps to increase your uptime and thus Onslaught should be used inside Inner Release get. Gauge available in FF14 adds x10 enmity multiplier to all your damage Critical! From Storm ’ s no better use for it in the second oGCD slot Cleave on your hotbar, you... Wears Off if the bound target dies your Gauge spender in-between Inner to! Refreshing Storm ’ s a certain win for Nascent Flash, so you can ’ have! Doesn ’ t use a macro that doesn ’ t have enough Gauge! Health and restores the amount increased the basics of tanking far and you ’ re by! The form of damage buffs the feeling of playing ffxiv warrior rotation Warrior is a free 100 potency skill during the Release.

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