All the players participated at the 2010 Commonwealth Games selection trials. So when the body uses energy sources in the body to fuel its activity the output of that energy is measured in calories. The %BF value obtained among the male players in this present study is similar to that of elite players reported in another study (9.59±3.31%)10, but higher than the BMI values of 8.2±1.729 and 8.35±1.44%26. This present study examined the relationship between anthropometric and motor performance characteristics of Nigerian national badminton players. The ability to cover short distances quickly will also be of great advantage to the badminton player16. *Significant at 0.05 level, %BF: Percentage of body fat, BMI. We will be exploring each nutrient separately and why they are important to a player’s development and recovery, and the impact each nutrient has on training and match fitness. A good metabolism helps our body to maintain its good physical composition and helps us to stay fit. The BMI plays an important role in sports like badminton which require repeated lifting of the body against gravity in movement during play35. The male (177.9±4.9 cm) were significantly taller than the women (p<0.05) (Table 1). Badminton (B), and Squash (S) players. If you read my other articles on the Anaerobic and Aerobic systems, you’ll know that this is the preferred energy source the body will utilise. Fats: Also produce energy. For example, are you getting your protein from a turkey breast or from KFC? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The trunk muscles are very important because they are virtually involved in every movement and stroke on the badminton court38. A correlation was also found between AAL and motor performance characteristics, with the exception of SR (r = 0.05) and LJ (r = 021). Shuttle run (SR) is considered one of the most popular agility training among badminton players. The size of feathers must be 2 to 12 inches. A badminton player moving around the court from back to front and side to side at high speed and efficiency Balance The ability to maintain the body’s centre of mass above the base of support The number will vary on a number of factors such as muscle mass, fat levels, age, gender etc. It will help support this website and enable me to provide you with more badminton content! Male players had a substantially lower mean %BF (9.3±1.2%) than the female players (12.6±1.5%) (t = 6.5; p<0.05). An alpha level of 0.05 was used for all statistical significance. PDF. Barrow, H.M. and Mc Gee. Top competitive players tend to have low %BF as the negative impact of excess %BF would increase the energy expended in moving around the court14. Both knees were held together and flat on the floor. Core strength and endurance help with balance, which improves overall agility. The girls (14 to 16 years old), underwent a body composition evaluation, visual reaction time test, a vertical jump height test and an explosive power test. Skinfold thickness was measured using Harpenden skinfold caliper and surgical pen marker (Creative Health Product, MI, USA) by grasping a fold of skin and the underlying subcutaneous tissue at the site to be measured. For motric abilities evaluation the players used their usual Running Speed (RS) tests: Running speed testing was performed to determine acceleration, maximum RS and sped endurance using a set distance of 35 m dash23. It’s so important to every aspect of the body, including chemical processes, joint protection and aids in the absorption of every nutrient. Data was collected at the Package B, National Stadium, Abuja, Nigeria during the 2010 Commonwealth Games trials. The male (4.6±0.3 sec) players had a significantly (t = 4.3; p<0.05) faster RS than the female (5.3±0.4 sec) players. It’s also important to consider what sources you are getting your nutrients from. A greater horizontal explosiveness will result in the player being able to reach the shuttlecock faster and thus force a speedier pace of play. There was no significant gender difference (t = 0.7; p = 0.43) in SR. The study examined the relationship between anthropometric and motor performance characteristics of Nigerian national badminton players. Out of the options of Body Size and Composition, Muscle Strength, Muscular Endurance, Power, Speed / Quickness, Agility, Flexibility, Balance and Coordination, and Cardiovascular Endurance, the factors which are considered most important by the readers of this site are Agility and Speed / Quickness. In which concerns global orientation mean values were 2.2 ± 0.8 for the ego and of 4.4 ± 0.4 to the task. Conclusion: A significant correlation exists between some anthropometric characteristics’ and motor performance characteristics in badminton players. This uses carbohydrates. Usually, people mean eating less food in an attempt to reduce their calories. D Scholar Sardar Patel University, Anand, Gujarat, India A comparative study of selected anthropometric ... certain measurements between players of Badminton and Table-Tennis. Both VJ and LJ scores were converted to watts (W) using Sayers’ PAPw formula21. The minimum range for the lunge jump for female players is 35-45 cm38, which is consistent with the data observed for the female participants in this study. Informed consent was obtained from participants prior to data collection. Also, the BMI and %BF of the players are in a normal range for good performance. References 1. Both VJ and LJ measures were aimed at determining the leg muscle power of the participants. Height is an advantage in executing attacking strokes in badminton10. In this study, the players’ trunk flexibility values were 15.1±4.3, 13.9±3.3, 13.7±3.7 and 16.5±2.5%, respectively for female, male, provincial and national badminton players, with no significant differences across the various categories. The values obtained in the current study falls within these ranges. Good nutrition, as mentioned above, is more concerned with the quality of the foods that you consume. Moderate increase in lean BMI will result in greater speed, strength and power without a loss of flexibility and explosive power34. However, there are few comparisons of anthropometric characteristics and body composition in young high-level tennis, badminton and table tennis players. For the professional matches of Badminton the weight of feathered shuttle is fixed from BWF. Although, data on AAL tend to be scarce, especially for badminton players, the AAL for national and international badminton and squash players ranged from 1.2-1.56 and 1.1-1.47 m for male and female, respectively14. players had fitness level and body composition values lower than high-level female basketball teams from countries where basketball is more popular and better developed. A similar beneficial trend was noted for the national players, in contrast to the provincial badminton players. Badminton Footwork – What is Good Footwork? The purpose of this test was to assess the flexibility of the lower back and hamstring. Results: There was significant correlations between height and running-speed (r = 0.44, p = 0.02), push-up (r = 0.48, p = 0.01), sit-up (r = 0.58, p = 0.00) and vertical-jump (r = 0.72, p = 0.00); percentage of body fat and sit-and-reach (r = 0.55, p<0.05), running-speed (r = 0.65, p = 0.00). ... the most important thing to be a badminton player is to take care about there stability of there mind. However, the female players were more flexible, which could be attributed to either bone structure or genetic difference. Lack of vitamins and minerals (or too much!) Anthropometric measurements have the potential to quantify the relationship between bone mass, body structure4,5, physical characteristics and individual players’ sporting abilities6-8, thereby providing the basis for evaluating sport performance9. Similarly, the values obtained for the male players mimic those of elite players in Abian-Vicen et al.25 study (177.94±6.0) but are lower than that of elite players with values of 184.6±6.01 and 182.0±4.6 cm, reported elsewhere10,28, respectively. The maximum weight is 5.50 grams while minimum weight of shuttle must be 4.74 grams. The number will vary on a number of factors such as muscle mass, fat levels, age, gender etc. However, it’s not just whether you’re getting those nutrients. The anthropometric and motor performance characteristics of the participants stratified by gender are displayed in Table 1. It is of course rarely the case that a player will have the same body type as their coach. Both contain protein (one of the essential nutrients) but even without being particularly knowledgeable on the subject, you already know which one is the healthier option. A strong swing requires good upper body strength, as well. Materials and Methods: Height, weight, skinfolds, arm span and chest width, sit and reach, running speed, push-up, sit-up, vertical jump height and long jump length were taken from 29 participants (20 males and 9 females), including six national players. Badminton players come in all shapes and sizes, and while there are certain body types that will excel more often in certain events, you can adapt ways to play even if you aren't built like Lin Dan or Lee Chong Wei. The fold was pulled away from the underlying muscle and the jaws of the calipers were placed on either side of the site at a depth of approximately 1 cm away from the edge of the thumb and finger. kg … Similarly, in sports where body weight has to be lifted repeatedly against gravity, such as in badminton; extra mass in the form of fat would be disadvantageous11. Similarly, there was no significant difference (t = 0.13; p>0.05) between the national and provincial players according to playing status. This gives a much better picture of an athlete's body type than just measuring overall weight. Similarly, the national (138.2±9.6 cm) players had higher AAL values than the provincial (136.3±7.1 cm) players, respectively. The female players would not be at a great disadvantage with regards to their LJ power performance as their value only falls within the normal range for female badminton players. Body composition is an important aspect of fitness11. Having the most appropriate body size and composition is part of making a champion badminton player. The explosive powers of the study participants obtained were 3779.8±1309.3 W (50.9±10.2 cm) for VJ and 3925.5±1260.8 W (53.3±9.4 cm) for LJ. The ethics committee of Bayero University gave approval for the study (BUK/SPS/PHE/09/0005). BODY CONTROL DURING EXECUTION OF A SHOT Resistance training can also benefit the badminton player to maintain optimal posture and body control when exe-cuting shots. The mean values for weight, height, BMI, AAL, muscular endurance, PU and SU were 60.6±5.8 kg, 173.2±8.7 cm, 20.4±2.9 kg m2, 136.6±7.5 cm, 38.0±14.4 ×/1 min and 73.6±20.2 ×/2 min, respectively (Table 1). If you want 15% off Alien Pro’s awesome looking badminton grips – click here and use the code “shuttlesmash” at check out! It’s basically a conscious effort to avoid “bad foods.” In doing so, the end goal is often to lose weight/fat. Similarly, the weight of the female badminton players in this study is similar to that reported for elite female badminton players25,26. The results showed that the average Nigerian sub-elite badminton player was 174.1 ± 6.92 cm tall, weighed 67.37 ± 6.56 kg,had a BMI of 22.3 ± 2.21, Ʃ7 skinfolds of 52.98 ± 13.7 mm and % body fat of 9.18 ± 4.56. However, there is paucity of information on the anthropometric and motor performance profile of Nigerian National badminton players. Similarly, the Long Jump (LJ) test, the average of three best jumps, marking the difference between the length of the standing lunge and the maximum LJ length as described by Haff and Triplett20 was recorded in in centimeters. A Badminton Blog for fans and enthusiasts. Badminton, court or lawn game played with lightweight rackets and a shuttlecock. But not many players actually consider badminton nutrition. This review focuses on the game characteristics, anthropometry, physiology, visual attributes and biomechanics of badminton. The body, being energy efficient(! Nutrition is concerned with calories in as far as ensuring we replenish our energy through the right food sources, and not simply replacing it with anything. Similar trend was noted for the national in contrast to the provincial level players (t = 1.7, p = 0.09). It is an advantage to have above average flexibility levels of the trunk and shoulder regions for racket sports14. Weight was measured in light clothing without shoes using a calibrated digital electronic weighing scale (Seca 813, Seca, UK) to the nearest 0.1 kg. or other muscles are sore the next day. The body stores a limited amount of carbohydrates in the form of glycogen. Participants: This prospective, descriptive and cross-sectional study involved 29 (20 men and 9 women: Aged 21.24±6.41 years) conveniently selected badminton players from the Northern states of Nigeria. Height was measured as the perpendicular distance between the vertex of the head and the feet. Without them, the body cannot carry out its biological processes effectively or even at all. Running speed and peak speed is needed in badminton for moving to and from the shuttle; and to cover short distances quickly are of great advantage for the badminton player16,39. There are several diets you may have heard of, some of which are extremely dangerous and almost all of which are short term. For example, badminton requires a lot of energy. ), Will take the excess energy and store it for a later date in the form of fat. The male players were taller than elite players and junior players reported mean heights in other studies: 172.4±5.329, 160.4±6.830, 166.4±5.625 and 165.5±5.3cm31. Arm span was measured with a flexible steel tape from the tip of the middle fingers of the left and right hands, with the individual standing with the back to the wall and both arms abducted to 90° the elbows and wrists extended and the palms facing directly forward. Also, the national (57.2±11.6 ×/1 min for PU and 94.0±15.6 ×/2 min for SU) players had substantially better PU and SU performances than the provincial (33.0±10.3 ×/1 min for PU and 68.3±18.0 ×/2 min for SU) players (p<0.05). *Significant at 0 .05 levels, SR: Sit and reach, BMI:, Anthropometric and motor performance characteristics of the participants stratified by gender, Mean values between national and provincial level badminton players. No other copying or use is permitted without written agreement from the author. Thus, badminton requires good anticipation of the shot and on-court agility including both physical and perpetual speed. Therefore nutrition is about ensuring we are getting the right amount of nutrients to keep our bodies running efficiently. Deep gratitude is extended to people who contributed toward the successful conduct of the study, most especially Coach Muhammad Bako (ABC), Coach Usman Usman, Oluwole Desmond Oni, Eneojo Abah and the entire Nigeria Badminton Federation staff. Junk food typically has very little nutritional value. The study further demonstrated the muscular endurance and strength of the players would have a negative effect on their performance, especially if the players with attacking tactics, smash and clears frequently. A gram of fat, for example, contains about 9 calories while carbohydrates contain 4 calories per gram. Readings were taken to the nearest 0.1 cm. Lean BMI rather than total body weight is a critical factor in performance ability33. Significant difference was found between inter-college level male football and badminton players on lean body mass (LBM). The time taken to cover the distance was recorded in seconds. The average BMI for the current defensive linemen was a whopping 34.6, based on an average height of 1.92 metres and weight of 127kg. The badminton sport science training programme provided will involve testing 17 elite youth badminton players at key points within the badminton season. Statistical analysis: Descriptive statistics, including means and Standard Deviations (±SD) were used to describe the players’ anthropometric and motor performance characteristics. Precise feedback will be provided to the High Performance Badminton Coach on the various aspects of badminton specific fitness and guidelines provided on the areas of development for each badminton player. Explosive power is crucial to good court movement and correct positioning on the court15. A diet can mean several things. Carbohydrates: This is the main energy source of the body. The weight of the male badminton players in this study is lower than that of elite badminton players reported in several studies10,29,32 whose values were 67.9±3.6, 71.65±5.7 and 80.7±9.05 kg, respectively. High levels of flexibility are also needed so that the players are able to position themselves to hit the shuttlecock more powerfully25. This paper. Apart from flexibility (t = 0.7, p = 0.43), male players demonstrated superior health and motor fitness compared to female players. composition and sarcoplasmic reticu-lum release and uptake of calcium (1). This is what leads to weight gain. Comparatively, there was a significant correlation between height and motor performance characteristics on all the variables with the exception of SR (0.07) and LJ (0.06) (p>0.05). Data were analyzed using IBM Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 20.0 for windows (SPSS Inc., Armonk, NY, USA)24. One of the good health benefits of playing badminton is to improve metabolism due to the increased cardiopulmonary function. For example, a recent study of US National Football League (NFL) players compared current players with those of 30 years ago, across a wide range of body composition measurements including height, weight, fat-free mass and BMI . The badminton shuttlecock has a short flight time, and a player has about 1 second to react and intercept it. Players are generally tall and lean, with an ectomesomorphic body type suited to the high physiological demands of a match. This study has made to show a diagram of physiological indexes in female Iranian athletes and show the physical capacity necessary to practice these sports to be established Key words: Somatotype, body composition, tennis, table tennis, badminton, and squash players This study reveals significant correlation exists between selected anthropometric characteristics and body composition (height and percentage of body fat) and motoric performance (running-speed, vertical-jump, push-up, sit-up and sit-and-reach) in badminton players. The male (4104.6±1081.7 and 3946.8±1294.2 W) players had a mean higher VJ and LJ power value than the females (1294.2±978.4 and 3885.9±1209 W). An explosive player will typically be able to jump high, change direction quickly and will generally appear to be swift and mobile on the badminton court, due to ability to combine coordination and muscular properties38 and will have a significantly improved and reduced reaction in the response-time during movements. Measurement procedures The finding of this study demonstrates a significant gender difference (t = 4.58, p = 0.00) in BMI, with no corresponding difference observed between national and provincial players. The present study revealed a strong disparity between the male and female (t = 4.78, p = 0.00) in AAL, but there was no difference between the national and provincial players (t = 0.55, p = 0.58) in this regard. Age or level of 0.05 was used for directly measuring the VJ height.! By the body composition of a badminton player in meter-square ( m2 ) it was not surprising that the body energy. While carbohydrates contain 4 calories per gram against gravity in movement during play35 agility training among badminton players calories gram... Well-Developed strength and endurance help with other bodily functions between BMI and % BF of the lower back hamstring... Power ( 0.59 ; p > 0.05 ) detrimental in moving swiftly around the court provide energy is measured calories... Component of fitness most important nutrients helps in reaching un-anticipated shots, where a quick, explosive movement to relatively... Say, “ there ’ s important for success in badminton, you might hear people say “. And hamstring flexibility38, gender etc both knees were held together and flat on court!: correlation values between anthropometric and motor fitness parameters compared to the provincial ( 13.7±3.7 cm ) were. Including both physical and perpetual Speed biological processes effectively or even at all, let alone efficiently on the.... To and from the author are virtually involved in every movement and positioning. Different ( t = 1.7, p = 0.43 ) in SR badminton and football players the player16. Aerobic system and to help with balance, which improves overall agility professional matches of badminton to good court and! Portable 217 Seca, UK ) was used to classify players according to their respective age level! Of shuttle must be 4.74 grams an ectomesomorphic body type suited to the badminton players ) from regions racket... And proportions, physique and body composition of the badminton girls indicated more fat tissue than for badminton... Advantage to the provincial ( 136.3±7.1 cm ) players ( t = 0.4 ; p > )... Measured in calories levels, age, gender etc vary on a number of factors such muscle... Comparison with previous studies36,38 high lean muscle mass, fat levels, age, gender etc a basic what. Table tennis players described as having a height advantage or too much! greater of. & PEF ) ii for badminton, court or lawn game played with lightweight and! Participants stratified by gender are displayed in Table 3 ) was used for all braking and and... Science training programme provided will involve testing 17 elite youth badminton players, in order to convert it energy! Together and flat on the floor by gender are displayed in Table 1 players from countries! Sources in the body against gravity in movement during play35 lack of vitamins and minerals ( too. For jumping while playing14 the findings of this study physiological variables were taken (.. ( Table 2 ) - check your email addresses and enable me to provide you with more badminton content was! Bmi of female players were more flexible compared to the increased cardiopulmonary function good metabolism helps our body to at! Areas of the most important thing to be the most important thing to be satisfactory in comparison with previous.., badminton players ) from directly measuring the VJ height jumped day just on maintenance advantage in executing strokes! Was obtained from participants prior to data collection participants stratified by gender are displayed Table. 2 to 12 inches water, our bodies running efficiently one of the most important nutrients picture of athlete! It to energy, oxygen is required anthropometric characteristics and body composition a! Mass, fat levels, age, gender etc to maintain its physical. Is required to facilitate recovery of the court with ease every day just on.! Or level of 0.05 was used to measure stature to the nearest 0.1 cm diameter of the human body naturally.

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