Labtech quoted me at $4 an endpoint, I pay around half that with Ninja for a base endpoint. Network (i.e. I have 500 endpoints, and have been sent the standard pricing sheet (in AUD$) showing Agent/Teamviewer/Webroot/Patching at $3.82+tax per agent. All of our applications are cloud-based so Ninja RMM ties in perfectly. "Ninja RMM has helped our MSP us better manage our growing customer base while providing us with the peace of mind client networks are being properly maintained and monitored." Pricing & packaging. Pros: Ninja RMM makes monitoring more convenient and in realtime. The Easiest-to-Use Unified Endpoint Management Platform . Or is this locked in pretty solid? I spoke with the guys at Ninja RMM and I actually like everything they are doing. We are a 2 month old partner on Ninja and got into the higher end of pricing for the core product (Agent / Webroot / TV), but also managed to lock in super low pricing for their new CloudBerry integration by being an alpha adopter, which we are hopeful will pay off. - we generally dont have much of a need to script a lot out side of these tools at present. No catches, we promise. NinjaRMM 4560. Not that you guys did or did not recommend Ninja, I came to that decision on my own. IT Departments and Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Globally. Which other RMMs do you have experience with? Love the real live updates for the workstations and Servers." No idea how ninja have the balls to charge that much for a product that is pretty much half baked when compared to continuum. Speaking of features, we have been cranking features left and right and had 7 major releases last year, and plan to have a good number this year as well.Our roadmap for this year is filled with features that matter to small and mid-size MSPs alike. Reviewer Source Source: Capterra. I'm thinking about switching to Ninja RMM from N-Central, talk me out of it. Anyone have a Ninja rep they like and are willing to share? It was "end of this month", then "end of the quarter", then "yada yada yada". Yes, get a free trial. Ninja shall indemnify Customer against all losses arising out of (1) any proceeding brought by a third party arising out of a claim that Ninja’s remote monitoring and management product infringes the third party's intellectual property rights; (2) Ninja’s willful fraud or misconduct. I really loved the product. I personally do not use Ninja, so cannot answer your queries. No contracts or platform fees. I know this is an older post but check out . Loved the product... but couldn't deal with the "promises". I'm thinking about switching to Ninja RMM from N-Central, talk me out of it. It definitely has some room for improvement. Resource Center; Blog; MSP Bento; MSP Live Chats; Company. 4.6. There are no contracts, however, there is a minimum commitment of 50 devices. Have a look at our pricing model! 0. Pricing Plans; Other Popular Software Reviews; What is NinjaRMM ? All rmm pricing is negotiable. I'm at $3.50 per end point including Vipre A/V although I am testing Atera to see what suits me better. So was curious if anyone had heard of them or used their product. What I like as well is that patching works great. How Does the 30-Day Trial Work. Alternatives Considered: SolarWinds RMM. Free Trial. Seems like they used to have a cheaper price than they do now. They seem to be an American based company. Generally other RMM's offer a watered down version of Bit Defender. NinjaRMM Reddit Ads - enough already. HKC SecureComm. Cons We have not had many issues with Ninja RMM so far. See additional pricing details below. I’ve looked at other small options, like Atera and Comodo, but didn’t like the options. I don't want to be too specific with the price I pay as there's a lot of variables in RMM pricing. Based on 176 user ratings. Also our remote command line support powershell mode that gives you unrestricted access to the machine. This isn’t really any different.I wouldn’t trust an RMM with a lower entry point than that personally because they are likely operating at a loss and cutting corners somewhere. One simple all-inclusive price for the rest of the team. Archived. They seem to be an American based company. A recent example is the … Press J to jump to the feed. I wanted to give some insight to Ninja and why pricing is not displayed on our website and visible for everyone to see. Starting Price: $3.00/month. 2.54%. Where is the link to the public facing roadmap? Company size: 1-10. 6. I'm currently in the process of looking for an RMM solution for my new MSP, and came across NinjaRMM during my search. For the record, it wasn't just OpenDNS and Solarwinds, Connectwise, Kaseya, and Autotask all played the same game. Pros: Ninja RMM makes monitoring more convenient and in realtime. I'm highly impressed with their new roll out. You'll be highly impressed. Naturally, after doing my research on here and other outlets I wanted to give Ninja a try. 9. Backup. Moving up to the 101 - 1000 seat range, N-Central doubles its slice, while Automate almost triples in popularity. Industry: Computer Networking. Our biggest problem with LMI is their strange pricing and licensing - they don't allow mixing of plans (basic and premium) under one account and no per machine monthly pricing (i.e. I liked that being able to get full security alert and automation. We did liked the no commitment pricing model. Includes everything you need in one integrated solution. Adding NinjaRMM to SherpaDesk will greatly improve the way you deliver services as an MSP. Used daily for less than 6 months. Best I can get them is $3.50 per without Webroot. Contact If you had a plow business but were only busy in the mornings, you wouldn’t ask Ford for half payments on your truck lease until you got busier. German ; French; Spanish; Italian; Dutch (888) 542-8339 (888) 542-8339; FREE TRIAL; Menu; Accomplish More with the Highest Rated RMM in the Industry. I am looking for an alternative to MaxFocus. User account menu. They have made some effort and have released remote command line which has helped their value. I have been with them for over a year now. See why. Scripting is limited, monitoring is limited. Its interface is streamlined and makes visualization of the entire IT facility easy. Based on 146 user ratings. Atera is the ultimate all-in-one RMM tool suite for MSPs and IT Pros. Posted by 2 years ago. NinjaRMM offers a 14-day free trial. Soon we will have multiple options for AV, Backup, and Remote Access. I've used Ninja in the past too. Rapport d’étude de marché mondial sur les Logiciel MSP 2020 | WebTitan, ManageEngine, OptiTune, CloudMonix, NinjaRMM; Marché Intelligence artificielle (IA) dans BFSI par fabricants, régions, type et application, prévisions jusqu’en 2026 – Google, Microsoft Corporation, Amazon Web Services Inc, IBM Corporation, Avaamo Inc Cons: Nothing so far in my or my team's usage for remote monitoring. I've used Ninja in the past too. Ninja RMM easy to understand as soon as I did the trial I knew it was the right one. Now as my business is gaining momentum and taking on more clients and therefore endpoints, I’m needing to upgrade to a more robust platform. Screenshots. I've been using them for 12 months, since around the same time you looked at them, and the integration to Connectwise is fine, tickets are created without any issue. It was interesting to see this post. About Us; In the News; Careers; Contact; English . Atera's Pricing List – Try our all-in-one RMM platform for MSPs. The platform is just OK. I came across Ninja RMM which says it has a number of good features including software deployment, integrated AV, premade scripts, teamviewer integration etc. They have a long way to go, but the devs come off as ambitious and relatively honest thus far. Do people really use Ninja? I keep reading posts on here where people are comparing and/or complaining about RMM pricing. This agenda doc has links to the recordings plus a free calculator you can use to determine your costs and profit margins. However, at Ninja's price-point for some basic network monitoring, this agent works well. I actually quite enjoy it. :( So I jumped around... WAY too much. "Ninja team is one exceptional group of professionals who will do anything to make you happy and they sincerely want to help you when you need help." NinjaRMM is an easy-to-use remote management and monitoring software that allows businesses and organizations to remotely manage their IT operations and provide their clients with efficient support. I liked that being able to get full security alert and automation. I do have a fair few open feature requests. Deployment. Also, we’re having a little issue with the workflow, but again, it is addressed by the Ninja team over time. Visit Website. I am also one of the most guilty of "dating" my RMM. I moved from ninja to continuum. Deutsch; Français; Español; Italiano (888) 542-8339 (888) 542-8339; FREE TRIAL; Menu; Rated #1 in Support & Service. After you create an account, you get instant access to Atera’s “All in One” plan for 30 days. Here is the website for the actual product from which @AJNinjaPM comes. I signed up for the 500 endpoint pack so maybe your price was quoted on smaller endpoint numbers. Simplify your remote access tasks by connecting from NinjaRMM to any device in just one click, using either TeamViewer or Splashtop. But, with AV we got quoted $4 per endpoint. If it doesnt fucking work, fucking remove it. We looked at it late last year. 0 comments. These guys have that down and that's important. They counter this by saying they are adding a lot of features. Close. With automation, network management, patching, software inventory and more, see why our RMM … Both me and my CEO are always on calls with partners like yourself, discussing their pain points an helping out as necessary. Find one, commit to it, and work with what they offer. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Ninja RMM is designed for MSP however as a small company with a lean IT team I find that it is a perfect fit for us. Unlimited devices & agents means exactly that. I THINK we also had Malwarebytes (the older MSP, poor stepchild version 1.8 or something) for another $0.65 or something like that. In new poll on RMM quality, NinjaRMM tops the voting in key categories. I trialed it and they were missing a lot of features others have. AEM has a bit of a jump as well, while Ninja drops a few percent along with SolarWinds RMM. Remote IT monitoring & management, powerful ticketing & customer satisfaction surveying. For companies like them, it’s not worth taking on people for less. Ideal number of Users: 1 - 1000+ 1 - 1000+ Rating: 4.2 / 5 (99) Read All Reviews: 4.9 / 5 (113) Read All Reviews: Ease of Use: 3.5 / 5 "The product is poorly designed for the user experience. Last yea when I looked at them it was almost 4 per device. Looking for an affordable but powerful RMM & PSA solution with great service. Customer support. Now, vendors sticking to what you negotiated, that's another story. Best For: NinjaRMM works with managed service providers of all sizes and mid-market internal IT teams around the world. Anyone got any clue about what prices Ninja RMM operates with? 7. We are targeting building a robust, easy to use product that has all the bells and whistles you need, integrates with your favorite products and gives you a single-pane-of-glass experience and still is intuitive and super-easy to use. About Us; In the News; Careers; Contact; English. Really like the looks of Ninja, it meets our specific needs well. 4.9. Thanks! Ninja RMM. That is an insanely low price. Connectwise integration has always worked. No nickel and diming and we never, ever charge setup fees. Likelihood to recommend: 8 /10. Is there any chance they’d do a lower minimum? ninja rmm pricing. I find nothing. There is definitely usability in the product, and it will get the job done, but there are other RMM's out there that fit better in our business. NinjaRMM works with managed service providers of all sizes and mid-market internal IT teams around the world. "Ninja RMM has helped our MSP us better manage our growing customer base while providing us with the peace of mind client networks are being properly maintained and monitored." EDIT: I was talked out of it. We're with Atera now. Pricing; Resources. I had been using Pulseway for my RMM, which fit the needs of my small business well initially. It reminded me of SolarWinds sales tactics. Resource Center; Blog; MSP Bento; MSP Live Chats; Company. Not profitable and high risk of churn. The easiest RMM. "As an MSP, we are always busy multitasking, it is awesome to have a reliable software to care for our clients. But for the price they are quoting, it’s not going to work for me. ninja rmm login. Free onboarding and local support. Archived. Take control of endpoint security with our integrations, allowing you to sync organizations and devices, take remediation actions, and schedule scan of devices – all from a single pane of glass in NinjaRMM. We started with the minimum package of endpoints, however, so our pricing will go down on a schedule as we grow, and we were never looking for "cheap" options. Watch it here, again and again! I don't want to link a reddit post - but go onto Reddit and search for " Our Experience From Solarwinds to Ninja" This will give you answers to some of your questions. Based on their website, it has all of the features I require for my MSP. We have gone from being a basic monitoring agent to integrating AV, Backup, Remote Access and Network Monitoring Options. Pricing and Commitments We asked each vendor to share details of their pricing models. Posted by 4 years ago. With our new Ninja RMM integration, you can access useful asset information including memory, disk, CPU, and more directly into IT Glue. @RickZedsphere said in Ninja RMM - Really good tool: @dafyre can i put together some Ninja pricing for you? Real nice guy and willing to listen to criticism and act on them. See why. Close. The license of Teamviewer with 10 seats is appealing. Carolyn (Rongshuang) has 6 jobs listed on their profile. Like connect wise, $2.50 per automate license for the first 400 but if you need more, it is $3.50 per. Reliable and easy to use. For stuff like desktop monitoring Ninja seems good enough for now. We are hoping they are reaching a critical mass as far as dev resources go. Posted by 3 years ago. Rating . Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS. Ninja support has always been top notch. If you would like additional information or would like a custom plan feel free to email and someone can contact you and see which options suit your specific needs. NinjaRMM Technology Information Technology Services Software Monitoring The easiest RMM. I work for the UK distributor. No contracts or platform fees. With the help of Capterra, learn about ConnectWise Automate, its features, pricing information, popular comparisons to other Data Center Management products and more. Hey guys, just want to bring clarification: Prices discussed above are MSP prices. I absolutely hate that sales tactic, and it seems to be commonplace among MSP vendors. We operate in a high end market so it's easy to resell the product ad-hoc for upwards of $50/endpoint, so our profit margin is sound. I don't currently have a PSA in place either, but we need to scale quickly. Is Ninja worse than them? We’re a small shop just wanting to get started. Synco is great because it has a ticketing system and billing system built in at no additional cost. That's why I'm dropping them. SherpaDesk integrates seamlessly with the tools and services you already use: NinjaRMM, QuickBooks, Skype, Xero, FreshBooks & more. The setup process was a breeze. EASY ONE-CLICK INTEGRATION. CONS: I don’t like the old interface, but good thing is fixed by new updates. Check out alternatives and read real reviews from real users. This presents unique challenges for IT Managers who need to make sure they have the right tools to service all their customers remotely in the most efficient way. NinjaRMM offers a 14-day free trial. I'm paying too much. I have gone down the RMM list on a few occasions now. 300 Endpoints. Atera was chincy and desperately immature, in our oppinion, and most of the other young SaaS pop-ups are completely lacking Mac support. Pricing & packaging. Edit . Questions? That is an insanely low price. Pricing is competitive for what it delivers however it is expensive. NinjaRMM is remote monitoring and management software that offers 360-degree monitoring on IT issues. Still not sure about ConnectWise Automate? You also have the option to export all your data out to CSV format if you want to import it into a in house application. We already had and still use PRTG for most of our serious monitoring - until we can monitor stuff via WMI, scripts, and custom SNMP oids we probably will have to continue to stay with PRTG. The advice I'm referring to is to NOT DATE YOUR RMM! Anonymous Reviewer. Currently on Ninja - it's definitely a work in progress. Agreed, also the more endpoints you start of with, most RMM's will offer more discount. A lot of these are supposed to be coming with improvements in Q2 and Q3. July 29, 2019. 6 6. I don't want to link a reddit post - but go onto Reddit and search for " Our Experience From Solarwinds to Ninja" This will give you answers to some of your questions. We're operating at $2.40 for our first couple of hundred endpoints then any additional is at $2 per endpoint including webroot. It can optionally be overlaid with the content of your Professional Service Automation (PSA) tool. Vigilix: Pricing is subscription-based, by device or by location licensing/pricing. Starting Price: $3.00/month. Features. However the learning curve required to get the best from this software is vast, documentation is sparse. RMM Pricing - Quit Paying Full Price. More expensive than my existing solution, but they are willing to negotiate. $1/mth/endpoint for Webroot. Pricing; Resources. Tons of Apps. While cost should not be the only element it’s definitely an important thing to think about. If you're a small company or with Atera it's a great option. All-in-one remote IT monitoring and management platform. Incident Management & Operations Performance Software . We don’t require a credit card during the trial, so you can try Atera obligation-free. I pay €1/endpoint with a minimum of 50 endpoints. Command line addition this past week was nice, and I'm curious how the 3rd party patching plans will turn out. These guys have that down and that's important. The pricing was incredibly out of line - $3-4 per endpoint, we pay less than $2/endpoint for LabTech. An all-in-one RMM MSPs and IT departments love for growing their business. What I like as well is that patching works great. Thanks guys. ninjarmm pricing reddit; ninjarmm reddit; ninjarmm scripts; ninjarmm clearwater; Similar Apps. 3.02%. They have grown a lot, and once I truly took time with their demo I was impressed by the simplicity with which they accomplish a lot. An allinone RMM MSPs and IT departments love for growing their business. 2.09%. I loved reading the open discussion. Étude de recherche sur le marché Logiciel MSP – Le Rapport d’exploration comprend des données de marché dérivées de techniques de recherche primaires et secondaires. Volume based. Watch Demo. We've even made it easy to switch to SherpaDesk from your current system, so you can start benefiting from all our features today. I signed up for the 500 endpoint pack so maybe your price was quoted on smaller endpoint numbers. Ninja were missing features compared to more established players and were behind on production roll-out time frames but they had an open discussion with partners to let us know the situation and they have progressed dramatically with delivering these features or updates. Description: The HKC App, will allow end users to remotely control their security system. German; French; Spanish; Italian; Dutch (888) 542-8339 (888) 542-8339; FREE TRIAL; Menu; Powerfully Simple Remote Monitoring and Management Software . If you seen it before check out now. Marché mondial de Logiciels de fournisseur de services gérés 2020-2025 (impact de Covid-19) | WebTitan, ManageEngine, OptiTune, CloudMonix, NinjaRMM; Le marché mondial de Gestion des politiques dans les télécommunications (2020) assistera à une croissance énorme d’ici 2026 | LM Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, Oracle, Amdocs Currently trialing Atera, looking to switch over. Scheduling demo's, testing stuff out myself. Unlike ConnectWise if I have a problem I can actually get an accurate answer, including time frames for fixes (we were with Labtech and I had support staff telling me multiple months in a row that issue X will be in next month's release - dont tell me if it's not true, just say you dont know ffs - I dont like to be surprised with a tool that I'm trusting to manage client's), Unlike Labtech its not full of monitors, out of the box, with questionable thresholds for modern hardware (I'm excluding the network monitoring here, which I will conceed has some values which dont align with faster networks, like 10GbE), Pricing - our NinjaRMM agent combined with our AV and Teamviewer license is now the same as it was for our previous RMM without AV or equivalent remote - my understanding is that our boss is happy with this. Features like remote access and endpoint protection allow you to thoroughly vet the network for security risks and take action from a distance. Free onboarding and local support. So far we are happy with the product, and if the dev goals manage to not stall out, like folks complain they did in the starting years, we are hopefully they will transform the RMM into something scalable and trainable. (They call that Database Backups). IT Glue and Ninja RMM. Posted by 8 months ago. $79.00/month/user. PagerDuty. With a 50 minimum. PRICE. I have never heard of Ninja RMM nor have I found any reviews on them. Rating . How long ago do you sign on? NinjaRMM Technology Information Technology Services Software Monitoring The easiest RMM. Syncro (PSA+RMM, I found it to be still a bit behind the others in features and functionality. No contracts or platform fees. My shop has run into issue after issue with them. In particular... the Webroot integration. Something else I didn't like - a seat was $4 then when I mentioned I see them on this sub they dropped a $1 per seat just like that. Unlimited devices for fixed monthly cost. I actually published our public facing roadmap on our community a few weeks ago. Ninja RMM got the job done for us but as we pushed our needs more into automation and efficiency we felt it wasn't keeping up with our speed of growth. Installed - Windows. Includes VIPRE and the Teamviewer license, but that's it. NinjaRMM offers a free trial. I am paying around $2 per seat for 100 endpoints which includes Vipre and TeamViewer. Cons: Nothing so far in my or my team's usage for remote monitoring. I also publish a weekly development summary every single week on what we worked on in the past week. Ninja RMM has helped our MSP us better manage our growing customer base while providing us with the peace of mind client networks are being properly maintained and monitored. Covid-19 and stay-at-home has changed our world abruptly. And, as for me and my business, Ninja offers more than enough and is continuing to add to the lineup. Reasons for Switching to NinjaRMM: Price-point and TeamViewer integration. Oh, and let me know when they get some legitmate scripting and powershell integration. My name is AJ I am the product Manager @ NinjaRMM. I've heard Ninja are developing an in-house PSA - anyone heard any buzz? NinjaRMM 4560. Ninja is relatively new in the RMM space and has evolved a great deal over the last two years. Hate overpaying....grrr. I have met AJ, one of the founders of Ninja at a trade show. This will greatly increase your support efficiency in monitoring and billing for your customer devices. ninjarmm pricing. “What’s your competitive advantage?” With so many baked in features and functions, we asked each vendor to share what … Just finished up with Solarwinds and OpenDNS purchases, and their pricing ended up being in excess of 75% off MSRP. Ended up being over a year. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Anyway... your question... we paid $1/mth/endpoint including TV for 500 seats. Visit Website . SNMP) monitoring is effectively non-existant at the moment. Although we were able to negotiate a reasonable deal on 500 endpoints, their initial pricing was quite a lot more than what we we're paying for LabTech. For comparisons I got lab tech for under 2 per seat. At no point have I been in a demo or with support and had them say "I've found that this doesnt often work, so you should do this way instead" - had this multiple times with Labtech, including during the onboarding process. $3.00/month; Simple Per Device pricing model, pay as you go. Integrating with NinjaRMM is a great way to experience the benefits of a PSA with a powerful RMM solution. I am definitely picking on Labtech here, but thats mostly because it was our previous RMM, and the only other offering we'd used before then for any extended period was too long ago to be accurate. Here, Ninja, SolarWinds RMM, and Atera dominate. Pricing varies. Overall I'm happy with support and they went above and beyond initially with some some questions I had while on-boarding. We have two jobs lined up, but it’s a weird contract that will take a couple of months to hit 20 endpoints, and then a few more to hit 40 more. Did you miss the What's new in ConnectWise Automate 12 Webinar? You should count on a flexible pricing package that can be matched with your business size and easily scaled up if your business grows. We support all popular scripting languages (Powershell, vbscript, javascript, batch and CMD files). View Carolyn (Rongshuang) Sun’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. An allinone RMM MSPs and IT departments love for growing their business. Value for money. The price is good and the tools are very helpful. Sometimes I wish I had stayed with Ninja. Its interface is streamlined and makes visualization of the entire IT facility easy. Ideal number of Users: 1 - 1000+ Resource Center; Blog; MSP Bento; MSP Live Chats; Company. Almost as important as functionalities and client support level are pricing packages made available by Inbenta and NinjaRMM. Unlike Labtech it doesnt mis-report about Microsoft Update coverage -it's not as flexible as Labtech, but it does tell us if its' failed and clearly, They know there are issues and have been upfront with us. This all boils down it to being "good enough" for us for now. save. I would recommend any small company with remote workers should take a look at Ninja for managing their company devices. Hey @RickZedsphere -- I was just interested in generic pricing per device in the US when you have a few minutes. We offer free onboarding (as many times as you need it), unlimited support (US based) and try to establish roadmap that is driven by you. I use Connectwise and inquired about LabTech and was giving a $4 per seat estimate so it appears all RMM use the same pricing methods.

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